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I am a 30ish old Mommy to three girls all under 5, I spend my days running to preschool and kindergarten naps, diaper changes, baby food. Countless hours of Barney and Disney channel and in between I craft! If I get a bit of time to myself I create the things in my helps keep me sane.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh me, Oh my!!................... The beauty!!!

Hi all, I am very excited to share this with you, the amazingly talented Laura Winslow behind is hosting a giveaway guessed it! Curly Birdie

I saw her email yesterday in my inbox. Could it be? The pictures I had been dreaming about........
And there they were!!! I must admit, I stopped breathing for just a bit when I saw them, then I started jumping up and down like a 5 year old.

Laura is so talented at what she does and an ABSOLUTE delight to work with. I would love to transplant her to sunny California so I can have her photograph my girls..........hmmm, maybe some day.

Run over to her blog.......and check out her B E A U T I F U L photography, after you're done drooling, enter the giveaway......good luck!! And don't forget about the additional entries ;)


  1. All these it for you!
    Any maybe I'll win one!!!

  2. I admire the fact you have 3 little girls yet you have the time to create such adorable shoes! Love it! I only have one daughter and she keeps me so busy! One day I will soon enough find time for myself! (I can finally get back into my scrapbooking mode!)

    I too love Laura's work! We were very fortunate to have worked with her on 3 different occasions! She's amazing isn't she?!

    Have a great week! Happy New Year!=)

    Angela Padilla

  3. Laura IS fabulous! And your shoes are adorable too! So glad you both hooked up for an AWESOME giveaway!!

  4. What a sweet post, Maria. I so appreciate your kind words. :) You truly have a God-given talent and your work and the colors you use are amazing. Love it!